Episode 40:

Anatomy of Stretching

with Cat Matlock

Trigger point therapist and yoga teacher Cat Matlock takes us on a tour of the human muscular system and the way it interacts with the nervous system.

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  • The key sensory organ that resides in your muscles and regulates your ability to stretch.
  • The reason you cannot do yoga specifically for your muscles or specifically for your fascia.
  • The difference between tone and tension – and how this impacts your ability to stretch a muscle.
  • Why the stretch reflex actually does the opposite of what it sounds like.
  • Techniques for stretching that honor the way your muscles actually work.

Invitation for Inspired Action

Functional Anatomy for Yoga Teachers
Continuing Education Series
with Mado Hesselink, Ferris Fakhoury, and Cat Matlock

Join Cat, Mado, and Ferris on a journey through the human body in movement. This interactive series was designed to help you get up to speed on most important aspects of anatomy, kinesiology, and bio mechanics in the context of teaching yoga. 

Over the course of 5 weeks, you will learn:

–>A foundation of anatomical language, how it helps us to communicate with healthcare practitioners and other movement specialists, and how to use the basics to continue your deepening self-study. 

–>Different types of tissues and joints joints and how they contribute and respond to movement.

–>Variations of normal – and how knowledge of these structural variances can guide choice of asana and alignment

–>How the nervous system creates and restricts movement and why that makes yoga an especially powerful tool to use in our quest for functional bodies and skillful movement.

And much more.

5 Sundays, beginning March 10th 11am-2:30pm
Location: FreeBody Massage Clinic 619 Haywood Rd 28806
Price: $375 ($325 early bird by February 27th)
Register asap to take advantage of the discount