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Meditation and the Mind – Part 1

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a consistent meditation practice is learning how to manage the mind. The mind can be the doorway to the inner peace of deep meditation, or it can be an obstacle. A restless mind can be a formidable foe to meditation...

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Hip Injuries Can Be Avoided

In part two of this response to William Broad's recent New York Times article and its call to alarm about yoga’s adverse effect on women’s hips, I'd like to offer the following alignment principles for safe practice. I bring to the issue my background as a holistic...

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Fear and Trembling on the Yoga Mat: Perspective on yoga injury hype

Toe-sweating apprehension has swept through the yoga community faster than Colin Powell was able to say “weapons-of-mass-destruction”. The ground zero for this current alarm seems to be William Broad’s recent New York Times article. Along with his best selling book, Broad’s well-written treatises are laced with caveats upon which, at first blush, we all agree. The excessive panic that has struck the hearts and minds of yoga practitioners, however, merits a collective “Let’s just chill out for a moment”.

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The 5 Essential Ingredients for Creative Kids Yoga Classes

Planning a children’s yoga class is a lot like cooking. As a teacher, you get to invent your very own special recipe for yoga by combining some basic poses, a few kid-friendly resources and a whole lot of imagination! Here are five essential ingredients you will need...

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No Excuses! 5 ways to jump start your personal practice.

We’ve heard it time and time again, you can’t teach if you don’t practice. But when life gets busy, practice can go by the wayside before you even realize what’s happening. Make a decision to feed yourself first so that you have the strength & energy to help others. Here are some strategies I’ve used to get myself on the mat no matter how busy or unmotivated I become.

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Ease into splits

This class is designed to help beginners ease into the intensity of Hanumanasana (splits).  60 minutes would be plenty for this sequence, or you could repeat the standing poses (side angle & triangle and add legs up the wall at the end and stretch it out to 90...

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