YTR Bonus Resources for Subscribers

Episode 48: Sequencing Warm Ups
*note these videos are demonstration only
Gentle floor warm up
Hands and knees warm up
Standing warm up

Episode 35: Plan Your Classes Like a Pro, Part 2
(make a copy of these templates in order to edit)
Template for philosophy focused class
Template for anatomy focused class
Template for asana focused class

Episode 30: How to Price Your Offerings
Interactive pricing quiz

Episode 27: Teaching at a Yoga Festival or Conference with Anastasia Shevchenko
Guide to Getting Hired at a Yoga Festival or Conference

Episode 19: Cue Your Classes Like a Pro with Laurel Beversdorf
Four Types of Cues with Examples

Episode 17: Create Your First Yoga Video with Jess Rose
Action Plan: 7 Days to Your First Yoga Video

Episode 13: Slow Yoga Revolution with Kristine Kaoverii Weber
Detailed episode notes including charts
Yoga Therapy Today Article: Meeting the Needs of the Triple Aim by Kristine Kaoverii Weber and Brett Sculthorp
Yoga Therapy Today Article: The Yamas and Niyamas in Population Health by Kristine Kaoverii Weber and Brett Sculthorp

Episode 12: Safe and Healthy Wrists in Yoga
Wrist Modifications Video
Wrist Exercises Video

Episode 10: Overcome Overwhelm and Get Focused
Printable Goal Setting Download

Episode 7: Breathing Basics with Dr Crystal Frazee
Breathing Basics Handout
Breathing assessment worksheet *note- this worksheet is laid out as a diagnostic tool, however yoga teachers are not qualified to make diagnoses. If you download this worksheet, you agree to use this for your own education and as a tool to evaluate whether or not to refer a client or student to a clinician for diagnosis.

Episode 5: Get Hired at a Yoga Studio with Jennifer O’Sullivan
Yoga Resume Checklist