Schedule a strategy session or apply for a coaching program with Mado.

These are the most common reasons yoga teachers report signing up for a strategy session or coaching program:


  • You feel overwhelmed and want to figure out where to focus your time and energy.
  • You feel lonely on this path of teaching and want support and advice from someone who has been there and understands your needs and challenges.
  • You feel confused about the best way for you to share yoga and want a roadmap to lead you towards your personal definition of success.
  • You feel depleted or burned out and know logically that you need to set some boundaries and make time to receive, but you feel guilty when you say no to teaching opportunities or when you ask for more compensation.

Whether you’re a new yoga teacher trying to get your bearings or more experienced and wanting to clarify your direction, reshape your offerings, or refine your niche, I can’t recommend Mado and her coaching services highly enough.

She has deep experience and insight as a teacher herself, a smart grasp on the modern yoga landscape, and, most important, she’s a generous and perceptive listener with a gift for both shining new light and guiding you toward what you already know — then helping you craft manageable ways to move forward.

Booking a strategy session with Mado was one of the most nourishing things I’ve done for myself as a yoga teacher.

Paige Gilchrist