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Anatomy of a Yoga Class Plan

A yoga class plan might be as simple as an outline of a few poses or a complex multi-page document detailing every possible aspect of the class.  The follow is a list of components that a yoga teacher might include in their plan. sequence theme feeling music playlist...

Don’t Hurt Your Students Part 1: Wrists

Since beginning a daily yoga practice, my wrists have been giving me a good amount of grief. Based on my conversations with students and teachers alike, I’m not the only one. Most of your students live most of their lives upright – then all of a sudden in yoga class...

Hands on Help Part 1: What’s in a Name?

In my first teacher training, we were encouraged to put our hands on our students at every opportunity. “This is your work," I was told. In my second teacher training, I was taught to assist verbally first. If that doesn't accomplish your goal, demonstrate – just for...

All About the Psoas Major: Tips from a physical therapist & yoga instructor

The psoas major is a deep and mysterious muscle that tends to be overused and, when cranky, causes a lot of problems. All yoga instructors benefit from having a basic understanding of how this muscle works and how yoga can help it stay healthy and supple.

Hip Injuries Can Be Avoided

In part two of this response to William Broad's recent New York Times article and its call to alarm about yoga’s adverse effect on women’s hips, I'd like to offer the following alignment principles for safe practice. I bring to the issue my background as a holistic...

Fear and Trembling on the Yoga Mat: Perspective on yoga injury hype

Toe-sweating apprehension has swept through the yoga community faster than Colin Powell was able to say “weapons-of-mass-destruction”. The ground zero for this current alarm seems to be William Broad’s recent New York Times article. Along with his best selling book, Broad’s well-written treatises are laced with caveats upon which, at first blush, we all agree. The excessive panic that has struck the hearts and minds of yoga practitioners, however, merits a collective “Let’s just chill out for a moment”.

Pranayama: Introduction to Yoga Breathwork

Pranayama is one of the basic practices of yoga, though it is often neglected in exercise based yoga classes as taught in gyms and fitness centers. Prana means energy, life force or breath. Yama is translated as restraint, or control. When we work with our breath, we gain access to our life force energy.