Episode 11:

Injury prevention and yoga evolution

with Trina Altman

Trina shares her thoughts about preventing injury in yoga classes and how she sees yoga evolving in an uplifting trend towards integrity and personalization.

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Episode Highlights

  • The importance of cross training and ‘moving like a human’
  • Why following your passion may be exactly the medicine you need to help your students
  • How the evolution of yoga parallels and honors its past
  • The reasons Trina is so passionate about teaching and taking private classes.

Invitation for Inspired Action

Take a private lesson. This can be yoga or any other movement modality. Think pilates, feldenkrais, personal training, or acrobatics. Prepare questions in advance and don’t be afraid to get your money’s worth. 

hint: if finances are a barrier for you, see if there are any instructors of other movement modalities who would be willing to barter for a private yoga session. Or put yourself out there to teach private sessions and reserve this income for taking privates with the instructor of your choice. It’s like a stealth barter.

Extra credit: put yourself out there to teach private lessons. If you are a new teacher you can offer a few free sessions in order to get experience, feedback, and testimonials.  If you are more experienced, you might offer a few sessions at a discount for the same reason.

Some things to consider:

  • Can you teach privates at the same location you teach public classes? If so, how much will they charge and are they ok with you mentioning that you offer privates in your classes?
  • Do you have a space in your home or will you need to travel to your student. 
  • Your biggest learning opportunity is going to come by working with one person over a period of time, so consider offering a discount for multiple sessions booked at once. 

Then come and let us know how it went on the Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group

Links and Resources

Trina’s website

Momentum Fest

The Great Oom (book I mentioned in the episode)

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