Episode 19:

Cue Your Classes Like a Pro

with Laurel Beversdorf

Upgrade your ability to use language in your yoga classes in this mini training on cues with Laurel Beversdorf.

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  • Why language is so important in the context of teaching movement and even more so when teaching yoga
  • How to use language to support your intention for teaching
  • 4 different types of cues you can use in your classes and why you might choose each one
  • Why watching your students reactions to your instructions is the most important part of cueing.

Invitation for Inspired Action

Write down how you would teach a pose in each of these different ways.

  • External cues – Cues that interact with the outside environment
  • Internal Cues – Cues that focus on the body without referencing the outside environement
  • Interoceptive Cues – Cues that invite awareness rather than attaining a specific goal
  • Cues from a specific lexicon based on your population, location, or interest

Bonus:┬áRecord yourself teaching the cues you wrote down and listen to yourself teach. Are there any cues you thought would be awesome that don’t sound like you thought they would? Any you thought were cheesy that actually work?

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