Episode 21:

Healing Our Backs with Yoga

with Lillah Schwartz

Lillah Schwartz shares wisdom from nearly four decades of teaching about functional anatomy and the best way for yoga teachers to use her book “Healing Our Backs with Yoga”.

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  • How to work progressively to heal back pain, including what goals to prioritize in what order.
  • The difference between positive pain and negative pain.
  • The biggest mistake people make when trying to heal their back pain.
  • How to use the image of a clock face to guide your students into optimal core alignment and activation.
  • How to use yoga to balance the excessive sitting that most of our students experience as a byproduct of their lives.
  • The best way for yoga teachers to get started using the sequences in Lillah’s book.

Invitation for Inspired Action

Pick one of the sequences from Healing our Backs with Yoga and practice it three days in a row. Share your results on the Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group!

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