Episode 51:

Three steps to a sustainable and ethical yoga business

with Joe Pace

Joe shares his insights from doing marketing analytics for the film industry… and creating a digital yoga platform. 

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Episode Highlights

Many yoga teachers struggle with the concept of owning a business, because we associate businesses with an unbridled (and often unethical) pursuit of profit. On this week’s podcast, Joe Pace (former marketing analyst and founder of Icewater yoga) shares how yoga teachers can take lessons from business analytics and yoga to create a career that is both ethical and sustainable. 

Joe shares plenty of practical information, but we also dive deep on a philosophical level. Some of the things you’ll learn include:

  • What yoga teachers should be measuring as part of their business strategy
  • How to calculate the amount that it’s reasonable to spend on acquiring a new customer/student.
  • What it’s like running an online yoga platform
  • A system for applying principles from marketing analytics to an ethical yoga business. 

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