Episode 37:

Hip Replacements and Yoga

with Jill Miller

13 months post surgery, Jill opens up about the procedure, the possible causes, and what yoga teachers need to know about working with students who have had one or both hips replaced. 

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Jill Miller had a hip replacement a little over a year ago. In this episode she shares new insights that she realized in the past few weeks about the factors that contributed to severe degeneration of her hip and the inevitability of a hip replacement. 

She also covers:

  • The unique approach her surgeon took (and an overview of the more traditional approaches)
  • The upgrades in hip replacement hardware made in the past few years (and why, as teachers, we should assume student have the old hardware unless we know for sure).
  • Movement contraindications for both old and new hardware.
  • The movement patterns and specific poses that she believes contributed to her hip’s degeneration.
  • The one question to ask any student who discloses an injury.

Jill also opens up with her signature vulnerability and candor about what it was like going into surgery and what the hardest part of the healing process has been for her. 

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