Episode 4:

Getting Hired at a Yoga Studio

with Jennifer O’Sullivan

Jennifer O’Sullivan spent 5 years as the hiring manager for an urban yoga studio in the DC metropolitan area. In this episode she shares insider tips and tricks for getting noticed and getting hired. We also dive into the world of the yoga studio business model and what it’s like on the other side of the front desk.

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Understanding the yoga studio marketplace and why being professional and putting best foot forward matters

  • Market pressures on yoga studio
  • Saturation of teachers
  • If you want a career teaching yoga, you have to treat it that way
  • Studio owners/hiring managers are very busy, they wear many hats, and manage many right and left-brain tasks that aren’t common in other businesses.    


The thought process that owners and teacher managers go through when they receive a teaching inquiry:

  • Is this person a good fit?    
  • Is this person qualified to teach what they say they can teach?        
  • When is this person available?

How the process generally works, keeping in mind that all studios are a bit different

  • You inquire, hopefully not too much back and forth b/c you provided all the relevant info up front.
  • You will likely be invited to audition or if you are already teaching somewhere the hiring person my came to your class (don’t expect this!)
  • Initially you are likely to be invited to join the sub list which gets you in the door for openings when they come up. Usually studios fill class spots from within.

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