Episode 49:

Stay inspired and connected as a teacher [on-air coaching]
with Mado Hesselink

In this coaching call, Mado helps a yoga teacher who lost her practice and community when she became a teacher. 

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Episode Highlights

What happened to your yoga practice when you became a teacher? Many yoga teachers are surprised by the way that the new role of teacher can actually derail their personal practice.

That’s what happened to Brittany, a yoga teacher and digital marketer in Minneapolis. She went from feeling like yoga was her special refuge, to only practicing while she teaches. Now she feels lonely and lacks inspiration. In this coaching call we explore her priorities and make some choices around how she spends her time so that her cup will be full enough to share with her students.

  • Why it’s imperative to think of yourself as a student of yoga first and a teacher second.
  • How to organize your life around your personal practice instead of the other way around.
  • The pros and cons of teaching in a yoga studio, vs gym or community center.
  • How she can eventually combine her skills as a yoga teacher and digital marketing to create a sustainable business.

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