Episode 69:

5 lessons I learned from filming a video series

with Mado Hesselink

Mado steps outside of her comfort zone to film a video series and then goes behind the scenes to share the lessons she learned through the process.

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Episode Highlights

After receiving encouragement from my business coach and a request from a podcast listener on the same day, I took a leap outside of my comfort zone and filmed a 3 part video series on the major mistakes that might be holding you back in your teaching career. 

In this podcast, I go behind the scenes to share the lessons I learned from shooting the videos. If you’ve been thinking about creating videos of your own this episode will help you get through the learning curve of using a new technology with less stress and more success. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The thought process and intention behind the video series. 
  • The 5 main lessons I learned from the experience
  • The things I plan to do differently in the future
  • Equipment used to film the videos 
  • The process for editing and releasing the videos

Stay tuned to the very end of the episode where I share one bonus lesson that applies to any project you might undertake for your business.

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Technology I recommend:

Neewer Ring Light

Neewer Ring light; The cheaper version

ATR USB 2100 Microphone

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