Episode 7:

Breathing Basics for Yoga Teachers

with Dr Crystal Frazee

Dr Crystal Frazee, physical therapist and yoga teacher, shares the essentials of what every yoga teacher should know about the physiology of breathing. This includes why we breath, how we breath, and how to properly teach breathing to our students.

Episode Highlights

  • Introduce foundational respiratory mechanics and physiology
  • translate the anatomy and science to common pranayama practices
  • apply pain science and knowledge of the stress response to help people relieve pain through breathing practices
  • learn the habit loop and why it’s important when teaching breathing practices
  • gain confidence that you are teaching safe, sound pranayama practices that heal and don’t harm

Links and Resources

The Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group
Crystal’s Website
Graduate School Of Behavioral Health Sciences (where Crystal studied breathing mechanics)
Breathing Basics Handout
Breathing assessment worksheet *note- this worksheet is laid out as a diagnostic tool, however yoga teachers are not qualified to make diagnoses. If you download this worksheet, you agree to use this for your own education and as a tool to evaluate whether or not to refer a client or student to a clinician for diagnosis.