Episode 59:

A new yoga teacher finds her niche [On air coaching call]

with Mado Hesselink

Rose gets clarity about who she wants to teach while finding ways to improve her classes and boost her confidence as a new yoga teacher. 

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Episode Highlights

Rose is a new yoga teacher. Unlike many teachers, she didn’t start teaching until age 55 and because of this she feels she needs to get some help honing in on her focus area and niche. 

In this on-air coaching call, Mado helps Rose get clear about who she feels called to teach yoga to, plus some beautifully simple ways she can improve her classes and get her confidence up as a new yoga teacher. 

Listen to hear some effective and easy to apply strategies for new yoga teachers such as: 

  • How to keep your center while teaching a yoga class no matter who shows up to your class.
  • Clarifying your goals and intentions for teaching yoga in order to reach your specific student base. 
  • The importance of mentorship and community for yoga teachers. 
  • Why you absolutely must do market research for your yoga business. 
  • How to approach your students to ask for feedback. 
  • Ways to incorporate personal stories that your students will connect with that don’t come across as just “talking about yourself.” 

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