How I went from running all over town and second guessing every step to running a fulfilling and successful business on my own terms.

Once upon a time

AFTER TEACHING YOGA FOR OVER A DECADE, I MET MY FAIRY GODMOTHER BUSINESS COACH. At the time, I had the typical yoga teacher schedule. Read: all over the place all the time, bending over backwards trying to please studio owners, students, and private clients.

I call her my fairy godmother because she appeared in my life just long enough to plant the seeds that good business and good yoga can co-exist then disappeared, never to be heard from again. But I nurtured the seeds she planted by studying all things business, marketing, and productivity and to my surprise found a new passion: finding the places where business principles and yoga principles overlap.

After applying what I learned to my teaching business with consistent results, I embarked on a project to talk to 100 yoga teachers in order to figure out how to help them to do the same.

THE FIRST THING I DISCOVERED WAS A PASSION FOR DEEP CONVERSATION with yoga teachers who are committed to changing the world through yoga. The podcast was born out of a desire to let other yoga teachers listen in on these conversations.

Little did I know that this passion project would become one of the most downloaded yoga podcasts in the world.

Now I balance parenting, working in my home garden, producing the podcast, and helping talented and passionate yoga teachers to spread the benefits of yoga.

If you want to find out more about my approach, the best place to start is the podcast!


—Born in Japan and travels on a Dutch passport

—Growing up in the jungles of Hawaii → major bookworm

—Speaks conversational French (just don’t ask her to write anything!)

—Dropped out of high school and lived on her own at 16

—Moved to freezing cold Iowa to major in Theater

—Discovered yoga in college and never looked back!


When I became a yoga teacher in 2005, I searched all over the internet for information to help me plan my classes and become a better teacher.

At the time, there was very little available so I decided to start collecting all the resources from yoga books, yoga classes, yoga trainings and my personal experience.

The Yoga Teacher Resource is here to help you fill the gaps between what you learned in YTT and what it takes to be a successful and effective teacher – then take those skills and turn them into a sustainable business.

I wrote articles about teaching yoga inconsistently for many years before starting the podcast in 2018. In audio, I found a medium that allowed busy yoga teachers to learn while on the go AND put a damper on the worst of my perfectionist tendencies.

Now the Yoga Teacher Resource has grown to include a plethora of free resources (including the podcast), several online courses, and a tightly knit community inside The Impact Club monthly membership for yoga teachers.


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