Advice for New Teachers

with Mado Hesselink and Guests

25 yoga teachers from around the world offer their personal experience and favorite pieces of advice for new teachers.

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Episode Highlights

This episode is a collaboration with 25 yoga teachers who have come together to support and celebrate new yoga teachers. Listen as they share their personal experience and favorite advice for new teachers.

Episode Highlights:

  • The importance of personal practice and self care for new teachers
  • Expectations around making money in the beginning 
  • Advice on where to teach and who to teach when you’re starting out
  • How to approach having an online presence and networking to grow your classes
  • Why you must keep learning 
  • Tips for creating a great class experience for your students 
  • The “Yoga Teacher Sutras” 
  • What to do with nervousness 
  • How to handle making mistakes 

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