Become a Yoga Teacher

If you’re passionate about yoga and have a hankering to teach yoga to others, this page will help you navigate the basics of becoming a yoga teacher.

Should You Become a Yoga Teacher?

No matter how much you love yoga, teaching yoga is not for everyone. 

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to embark on the deep and wonderful path of becoming a yoga instructor there are many angles to consider.

Read my advice on how to decide whether or not to become a yoga teacher.

Are You Ready For Yoga Teacher Training?

Want to become a yoga teacher?

Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself BEFORE you sign up for yoga teacher training.

Fair warning: This is no shallow listicle – this is a deep dive into what it takes to thrive in the intensely transformative environment of yoga teacher training – and how you can prepare to get the most benefit from your investment. 

How to choose a yoga teacher training

You’ve evaluated your reasons for wanting to teach yoga, decided to become certified, and set up realistic expectations for how much of your living you can make as a yoga teacher. Now, it’s time to research yoga teacher trainings and find the training that is right for you.  Be selective when you choose your teacher training – becoming a skilled yoga instructor takes time and it is worthwhile to wait until you have found the right training for you.  To help you in your selection, I’ve written an article on how to choose a yoga teacher training and another with resources to help you find yoga schools who offer teacher trainings.


Yoga Teacher Certification and Registration:

What do they mean, & which is right for you?

If you’re confused about the options for getting certified to teach yoga, you’re not alone.  Back in the day, people started teaching without any trainings or certifications other than their teacher said they were ready.  However, in the past 30 years or so, teacher trainings have become the norm.  Even more recently, there has been discussion about state regulation (yoga is not currently regulated by the states in the US).  With the rapidly evolving standards in a new field, there is massive amounts of confusion surrounding what it means to be a certified yoga teacher.  That’s why I wrote this break down on the differences between being a certified yoga teacher and a registered yoga teacher and why you should care.

You’re a certified yoga teacher! Now What?

What happens once you are done with your teacher training?  Some options for further training includes assisting, volunteering, and continuing education.  Once you are confident with your yoga teaching you will need to decide exactly who you want to serve by developing your yoga teaching niche.  With your specific audience in mind, check out these outside the box ideas for making a living teaching yoga.