This class offers an accessible approach to the most basic arm balances.  While designed for a mixed level group, it would also work for a class of strong beginners.

malasana twist, one arm inside knee, other arm lifted.

Prasarita Padottanasana
turn toes out, hips side to side

Easy lunge w/ twist
gecko lunge (hands inside knee, elbows bend)
hip opening vasisthasana variation

2 Sun Salutes
reverse warrior → humble warrior (hands clasped, bow inside knee)


Side Angle, hand inside
gecko, shoulder behind knee

eka hasta bhujasana
(astavakrasana → crow → astavakrasana variation as an option for more advanced students)

upavista konasana side stretches
upavista konasana fold through center
baddha konasana

supported bridge pose
reclined twist w/ knees wide


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