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As yoga teachers, we spend a lot of time guiding our students through moving their bodies. Knowledge of the human body is one of the best tools we have to help us give our students a positive movement experience. Enjoy this anatomy playlist of episodes designed to help you make sense of the human body as it relates to yoga asana.

Writing a Yoga Book

Writing a Yoga Book

Have you ever wanted to write a yoga book? Three years ago, Kate Lynch dropped a bombshell in an on-air coaching call: a publisher had invited her to write a book. In this episode we check back in with Kate about how things have progressed since her last episode.

Is My Niche Too Narrow?

Is My Niche Too Narrow?

Have you ever wondered if you have created a niche that might be too narrow? Kate Lynch has a lot of clarity about exactly who she wants to work with, but she has concerns that her niche is too specific and that it could make things difficult in terms of growing her yoga business. Listen to this on-air coaching call to find out what advice Mado offers about Kate’s niche and how to get over the fear of taking big steps.

How to Live Your Yoga

How to Live Your Yoga

What does it mean to live your yoga? In this episode, I share my journey from being primarily focused on asana to my current integrated approach to practice.

How & Why to Teach a Yoga Series

How & Why to Teach a Yoga Series

Have you ever wished you could charge more for your time, take vacations, and focus your classes on the aspects of yoga you are most passionate about? Ashley Zuberi shares how she took control of her schedule and her income teaching a yoga series class format.

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