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Explore yoga’s quieter internal practices and learn how to skillfully incorporate them into your classes.

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Breathing Basics For Yoga Teachers

Breathing Basics For Yoga Teachers

Episode 7: Breathing Basics for Yoga Teachers with Dr Crystal Frazee Dr Crystal Frazee, physical therapist and yoga teacher, shares the essentials of what every yoga teacher should know about the physiology of breathing. This includes why we breath, how we breath, and...

Meditation and the Mind Part 2: Controlling the Breath

Meditation and the Mind Part 2: Controlling the Breath

In the first part of this article we discussed the four functions of the mind and the importance of managing these functions. We also talked a little about breath awareness as a tool for preparing the mind for meditation. Now, let's talk further about the breath and...

Meditation and the Mind – Part 1

Meditation and the Mind – Part 1

One of the biggest challenges to maintaining a consistent meditation practice is learning how to manage the mind. The mind can be the doorway to the inner peace of deep meditation, or it can be an obstacle. A restless mind can be a formidable foe to meditation...

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