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Sequencing Warm Ups

Sequencing Warm Ups

Episode 48: Sequencing Warm Ups with Mado Hesselink Learn a simple but effective approach to creating warm up sequences for your yoga classes. Psst. Want to get an email each time a new episode is released?   Episode HighlightsWarm ups are an essential part of your...

Lillah Schwartz on Healing our Backs with Yoga

Lillah Schwartz on Healing our Backs with Yoga

Episode 21: Healing Our Backs with Yoga with Lillah Schwartz Lillah Schwartz shares wisdom from nearly four decades of teaching about functional anatomy and the best way for yoga teachers to use her book “Healing Our Backs with Yoga”. Psst. Want to get an email each...

Ease into splits

Ease into splits

This class is designed to help beginners ease into the intensity of Hanumanasana (splits).  60 minutes would be plenty for this sequence, or you could repeat the standing poses (side angle & triangle and add legs up the wall at the end and stretch it out to 90...

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