Coaching and Strategy Sessions

Wish you had a thought partner to help you stay on track and taking action?

Together we can:

  • Structure your business for efficiency and impact
  • Develop systems to keep you pointed towards your vision
  • Make big decisions without overthinking
  • Describe your classes and offerings in ways that are clear and compelling
  • Stay connected to your values and why you started teaching in the first place.
  • Choose when and how to push your growing edge

Before I started working with Mado, I was trying a bunch of different ideas that were taking me in several different directions at once; spreading myself thin and barreling full steam ahead towards burnout.

Mado helped me narrow down my niche and laser focus my target market, my services and my brand. Since we started working together, I’ve doubled or tripled my revenue each year. Even better, I feel calmer and more confident knowing that the things I’m focused on are the ones that actually matter.

Miranda Peterson

Namaste In Nature


What's the difference between a strategy session and coaching?

Strategy sessions are standalone sessions focused on 1-3 specific topics. I will support you to the best of my ability during our scheduled time, however scheduling a strategy session does not initiate an ongoing coaching relationship. Coaching packages are designed to provide longer term scaffolding on a wide range of topics. They include outside resources such as pre-recorded trainings, worksheets, templates, and communication in between sessions. 

Which format for coaching is best for me?

Choose a strategy session if you want feedback on a specific topic. Choose a coaching package if you want individual support or ongoing accountability around a bigger project. Choose the Impact Club if you are self-motivated, budget conscious, and thrive in community.

How does the Impact Club work with individual coaching?

Impact Club membership is included with your coaching package. This allows me to keep up with your progress in between sessions and assign specific on-demand trainings to support your goals. 

The Impact Club is also a great way to receive follow up support after a single strategy session, however this is optional and requires a separate subscription.

You can also receive individualized support as a member of the Impact Club, however it will always be within the context of a group session and will not offer the same level of privacy or depth as a private session.

Whether you’re a new yoga teacher trying to get your bearings or more experienced and wanting to clarify your direction, reshape your offerings, or refine your niche, I can’t recommend Mado and her coaching services highly enough.

She has deep experience and insight as a teacher herself, a smart grasp on the modern yoga landscape, and, most important, she’s a generous and perceptive listener with a gift for both shining new light and guiding you toward what you already know — then helping you craft manageable ways to move forward.

Booking a strategy session with Mado was one of the most nourishing things I’ve done for myself as a yoga teacher.

Paige Gilchrist