100 Yoga Class Themes

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About The List of 100 Yoga Class Themes

I’ve been compiling this list of yoga class themes for over a decade. Themes add context and nuance to a yoga class. In addition, they help yoga teachers narrow down the focus of the class. If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by wanting to share everything with your students at once, a theme is a great way guide your choices.

My list of yoga class themes contains a wide variety of themes from accessible to esoteric. They are a jumping off point to personalize your own theme – an idea that will be expressed differently by each person who uses them. Your theme may even morph into something completely different than what you started with, but a list of options is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. Begin with the ideas that excite or inspire you. Journal, meditate, and contemplate what they mean to you personally before using them in your classes.

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When using a theme for your yoga class, contemplate what it means to you personally.  Journal about it, meditate, and even think about it right before you fall asleep.  Distill the ideas of the theme into one main core message and keep that message in mind the entire class. 

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What Other Yoga Teachers Say

About Our 100 Yoga Class Themes Download
Holy cow! What an incredible resource. I’ll definitely be sitting with a few of these themes. As you say, it’s important to put it in your own context before offering it to students. Thank you for creating this list and for your generosity with what you know. It’s inspiring.

This is extremely helpful and inspiring, all in one page. Well done!

Thank you – strange and wonderful how the universe delivers just when I’m stuck!

I think you’ve just saved my teaching. This is *exactly* the inspiration I needed!

Thank you for this list! I’ll be referring to it often, on those days
when it’s a little harder to find inspiration! Love the site!


Thank you for all of the inspiration. I’m a new (older) teacher and want
my own practice, that I share with my students, to come from the heart.
Good ideas here for organizing a class.


Ooh this is a fun list!

Although I’ve been practicing yoga for years..I’m new to ‘teaching’.
Love what I’ve found here. So helpful and inspiring. Thank-you for
sharing your gifts! I’ll be returning here often…


This an amazing list, thank you so much!!  I am quite a new teacher and I
felt like did not have that many ideas, but this list inspired me to
come up with my own. Thanks again!


So insightful and beautifully compiled! Thank you for the inspiration.


I have just recently stopped teaching because I felt as though I need to focus on my own practice. Thank you for this, I will definitely be using these themes to create my personal practice and will take the time to meditate on each one per day. I am so excited to have gotten a hold of this, and have much gratitude for you to take the time in investing your creativity and insight into this!! Namaste


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