This class is designed to help beginners ease into the intensity of Hanumanasana (splits).  60 minutes would be plenty for this sequence, or you could repeat the standing poses (side angle & triangle and add legs up the wall at the end and stretch it out to 90 minutes.

Standing forward bend, bend knees & hold elbows

Place hands on blocks, inhale lift one leg into 1/2 standing splits, exhale place foot back down.
5x on each side

Simple lunge, back knee lifted, hands on blocks
Straighten front leg into modified parsvottanasna
move back and forth between these two poses 5x on each side
5 breaths in standing forward bend between sides

Step R foot back into simple lunge, back knee down
place R hand on block or ground to the right of the mat, place L hand on L knee.  Lunge deeply as you twist to the left.
Straighten L leg for runner’s stretch.  Shift hips side to side.
Repeat side 2.

Downward facing dog w/ block between thighs.

Side Angle


Reclined Hand to Foot Series

  • leg straight up
  • leg open to side
  • leg crossed over body

Forward fold with balls of feet on a rolled up blanket
Parsvottanasana with ball of front foot on rolled up blanket
Standing forward fold

Thigh stretch with knee on blanket & foot up the wall

Runner’s stretch (hanuman prep) – slide forward towards hanuman & prop front thigh with block or bolster.
Twice on each side

Lay on back, hold behind thigh of one leg, press other thigh into the ground (reclined hand to foot prep)
Supported bridge with hips on block
windshield wiper reclined twist


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