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Mastermind Masterclass
Thursday, June 25th 2-3pm Eastern $25 

If you ever feel lonely as a yoga teacher/entrepreneur and wish you had a circle of support that GETS what you are going through – a peer mastermind might be just what you need. 

Join four yoga podcasters and mastermind buddies for a training all about how to set up your own peer mastermind.

Mado Hesselink
Amanda McKinney
Shannon Crow
Amanda Kingsmith


  • How to find (and vet) possible participants
  • Guidelines and expectations to set up in advance
  • What to expect from a mastermind group
  • What makes participants a good match 
  • Systems and structures we use in our own mastermind
  • What technology we use to stay in touch

    How to Teach Online Privates

    Friday, June 26th 3-4pm EST $25 

    With Tara Eschenroeder & Mado Hesselink

    Do you want to teach online privates, but don’t know how to get started? Have you taught a few and wish you could make them feel more special? Are you struggling to communicate the value of an online private session?

    Join Mado and Tara for an in-depth training on teaching private yoga sessions.

    Topics include:

    • How to get clients
    • What technology you need and how to set it up
    • How to organize your space
    • How to make the session special
    • How to nurture the relationship

    Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder is a beloved yoga teacher who teaches both online and in-person. She specializes in retreats and online private sessions. Since Covid-19, Tara has seen demand for online privates skyrocket and wants to help reduce the learning curve for other yoga teachers who desire to serve their students in this format.

      Pitch Perfect: How to pitch podcasts (and be an awesome guest!) 
      Pre-recorded – watch the replay and download the manual $25

      4 podcast hosts are coming together to teach you tips on how to send successful pitches that lead to interviews and how to get invited back multiple times. 

      Shannon Crow – The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast
      Amanda Kingsmith – Mastering The Business of Yoga Podcast
      Mado Hesselink – Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast
      Amanda McKinney – Marketing Yoga with Confidence Podcast 

      Learn –

      • How to find podcasts to pitch
      • How to write pitches that get noticed
      • 3 pitching mistakes that land your pitch in the trash
      • What podcast hosts are looking for in a guest
      • What kind of technology/equipment you need
      • How to up your chances of getting invited back in the future
      • How to leverage your appearance to increase credibility with your own audience

      How to teach philosophy in an asana class
      (without sounding preachy, boring, or clueless)

      Pre-recorded – watch the replay and download the manual. $27

      As yoga teachers who want to teach the full spectrum of yoga, we have a bit of a PR problem. That is, the general public thinks of yoga as simply as exercise instead of a multi-layered practice that affects every layer of our existence.

      The good news is that just as much as we can be part of the PR problem, we can also be part of the solution. And that’s by explicitly teaching the subtle practices and philosophy of yoga in our classes.

      I’ve spent the past 15 years developing a system for doing just that – and I’m excited to teach it as an online workshop for the very first time.