Mastermind small group coaching

Community. Support. Accountability. 

These small group programs are designed to fulfill two needs: a supportive community of teachers who understand what you are going through and a financially accessible way to access the benefits of coaching.

Choose your group based on your level of experience teaching (if you feel you are in-between you are welcome to select either option)

All groups will meet virtually via video conference every other Thursday from September 12-November 21st 2019. 

Fledgling Yoga Teacher
(0-3 years of teaching experience)

10am-11:30am Eastern Standard Time
7am-8:30am Pacific

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Fledgling Yoga Teacher
(0-3 years of teaching experience)

12-1:30pm Eastern Standard Time
9am-10:30am Pacific

Take Off and Fly
(4+ years of teaching experience)

2-3:30pm Eastern Standard Time
11am-12:30pm Pacifi