Episode 72:

How to scale yourself (on-air coaching call)

with Mado Hesselink

Angel Coughlin is in a position with her yoga studio where she is in more demand than she has the capacity to fulfill. Mado guides her on how she can meet the needs of her students while growing her business and showing up to support the community outreach that is the heart of her vision. 

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Episode Highlights

Angel Coughlin’s yoga studio is expanding. Along with this extra growth comes the increasing demands on her time and attention. In this on-air coaching call, Mado talks with Angel about ways she can balance her larger vision for her studio with the realities of running (and growing) a business and while continuing to being there for her yoga students who adore her. Mado also guides her with some actionable steps she can take and information about how best to utilize tools like email marketing and videos to essentially “scale” herself and communicate her vision more effectively. 

Included in this episode:

  • What to do when there is a disconnect between what you know your message to be and what your students understand it to be. 
  • How to meet your students’ needs through a medium that reaches more people at once
  • Using your email list as an opportunity to get the word out about your larger vision and message.
  • Avenues for building your email list through partnerships. 
  • How to segment your email list and why.
  • Differences between yoga studio email lists and independent yoga teachers.

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