How To Set Goals You Can Actually Accomplish

with Mado Hesselink

Set yourself up for success and mark achievable goals with a clear, actionable plan.

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Episode Highlights

Learn 5 common mistakes that might be blocking you from achieving your goals and 3 tips for implementation to improve your chances for follow through. Set yourself up for success by creating achievable goals with a clear, actionable plan. 

Episode Highlights: 

  • How dreams, wishes and visions are different from goals
  • What you may be overlooking when it comes to your goals 
  • Quarterly goal setting, time tracking and other tools to improve productivity
  • The power of consistency and specificity
  • How to measure the achievability of your goals
  • Why your goal needs a due date
  • One simple question that will help you determine if a goal is too vague
  • Layers of accountability 

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