Hypermobility & Yoga

with Libby Hinsley

Physical therapist and yoga teacher, Libby Hinsley returns to the podcast to talk about hypermobility and yoga.

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Episode Highlights

Libby Hinsley returns to the podcast to talk about joint hypermobility, how yoga affects bendy people differently from people with a more average range of motion, and how to best support those with hypermobile bodies in your yoga classes. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Hallmarks of hypermobility 
  • Patterns in injured yogis and yoga teachers 
  • Things to pay attention to if you have larger than normal range of motion at your joints
  • How yoga can be useful to hypermobile people
  • What interoception is and how it relates to hypermobility
  • Elements of supportive yoga practice for hypermobility
  • The game-changing benefits of self massage 
  • What yoga teachers need to know about hypermobility 

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