This is the first in a set of three classes that could be taught in consecutive weeks, building on the same theme of “kleshas into lakshmis”, each week turning a different klesha (scar) into a lakshmi (mark of distinction). It is not necessary for students to come to every class, the actions and poses do not build on each other, so it is appropriate for a drop in style class. You could also tweak it to build actions and poses week to week if you are teaching a pre-registered course and want to teach progressively. These classes were created for a drop-in by-donation community class, so a lot of the sequencing and poses are simple. They could be adjusted for a more advanced level, or even made more simple for an Introductory class.
Some of my short forms for poses include:
DD=downward dog
SN=surya namaskar


we practice yoga for many reasons and one of them is to reconnect to our gifts, our power so that we can live our lives lit up and sharing those gifts with others. and the paradoxical thing about our gifts about our power is that they can sometimes be hidden or disguised. (This is the great joke of the universe) and sometimes they are disguised as those things about ourselves that we wish were not there. Things that we do not like about ourselves. Things that are so uncomfortable, embarrassing, ugly. That we try to hide. This is the central piece of the tantric view, that our darkness is our light. The difficulty is our awakening.

kleshas means scar or stain. something seemingly negative that we might try to hide. lakshmis are like beauty marks, marks of distinction. lakshmis are our distinctive power, our gifts. and what we can learn to do through our practice is turn our stains, our scars into marks of distinction. to transform those difficult parts of ourselves into powerful gifts.

Today we will look at the klesha of anger and what it turns into. next two weeks at fear, overwhelm. so what does anger turn into? passion and courage.


Element: fire
Heart quality:
passion and courage
action: Muscular Energy & Organic Energy PULSATION
pinnacle: exalted warrior/warrior 3
physical areas to build on: hips/groins, balance, open intercostals
other poses: LOTS OF WARRIORS


start in DD
five vinyasas — DD to plank, cobra, back to DD

sun breaths – get so deep and full in your breath

shoulder opener x 3

SN – low lunge, crescent moon lunge
SN – anjaney prep — hip opener
SN – gentle twist — full stretch lunge


in sun salutations:
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Warrior 3
Exalted Warrior

supta padang


Ways to articulate the theme in the action:

draw your muscles onto your bones – embrace all parts of yourselves
draw into the focal point, and then we expand, that energy is now refined
we pulse in our practice as a way to transmute our energy, channel it into what we want

what was a vicious circle, an anger that just circles and circles, becomes a current of passion, a spiral that goes up and up, getting us more of what we want

anger appears when we see something that doesn’t make sense. judgement gets refined into discernment when we can see the information the judgement is giving us, without hanging onto the self-righteousness of the judgement. there is wisdom in our anger. we just need to pulse it through so that we can express the wisdom without the barbs of the anger.


Inspiration for your classes

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