This is the second in a set of three classes that could be taught in consecutive weeks, building on the same theme of “kleshas into lakshmis”, each week turning a different klesha (scar) into a lakshmi (mark of distinction). It is not necessary for students to come to every class, the actions and poses do not build on each other, so it is appropriate for a drop in style class. You could also tweak it to build actions and poses week to week if you are teaching a pre-registered course and want to teach progressively. These classes were created for a drop-in by-donation community class, so a lot of the sequencing and poses are simple. They could be adjusted for a more advanced level, or even made more simple for an Introductory class.
Some of my short forms for poses include:
DD=downward dog
SN=surya namaskar


Yoga is about stepping more deeply into ourselves. sometimes what we encounter when we step into our hearts is uncomfortable. this is to be expected. our practice is to turn things around, examine them, find ways to grow, transmute, expand. transform our kleshas into lakshmis.

today we will look at fear/anxiety. scary experience. these things don’t want to be looked at, they want to hide. so in our practice, we are going to lean into them. lean into them and coax them into contact. transform them into curiosity.

fear is intelligence. if you didn’t have fear, you might walk around hurting yourself all the time. and fear need not stay in a contracted form. its intelligence can be opened up, so we can gather the information that we need, find the meaning that we need to move forward.

when we can create SPACE around the fear, it can open into its intelligence, which is a curiosity and wonder about what is going on. what information do i need?


Element: Earth
heart quality: curiosity
action: principles of twisting and a lot of breath instruction
pinnacle: twisted triangle with a chair

open and lift up with curious spirit, what is this fear needing? keep your pelvis grounded, anchor your tailbone down and keep a lightness in your breath as you lift up and twist from your belly, twisting to look behind you, curious, what is there here to learn?


warmup – twist and slap

sun breaths, crescent moon
SN x 2 (as you bow forward, practice LEANing into the fear, be curious about it)

DD – 3 legged dog to three legged plank
SN x 3 – lunges on both sides (SLL, full stretch, gentle twist)

parsvakonasana to warrior 2
prasarita padottanasana

chair – sit and twist (see what it feels like to crunch and twist. no room! when we contract with fear, there’s no room to gather information. it’s not bad to contract, not negative, just won’t get us what we want. if we make space, we have more room to move forward)

(utkatasana>prayer twist, twisted lunge, step forward, utkatasana)

triangle with chair
twisted triangle with chair (this pose is pyramid, parsvottanasana)

bridge (block between knees, thighs down, tailbone to knees)
supta padang to both sides

Inspiration for your classes

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