This is the third in a set of three classes that could be taught in consecutive weeks, building on the same theme of “kleshas into lakshmis”, each week turning a different klesha (scar) into a lakshmi (mark of distinction). It is not necessary for students to come to every class, the actions and poses do not build on each other, so it is appropriate for a drop in style class. You could also tweak it to build actions and poses week to week if you are teaching a pre-registered course and want to teach progressively. These classes were created for a drop-in by-donation community class, so a lot of the sequencing and poses are simple. They could be adjusted for a more advanced level, or even made more simple for an Introductory class.
Some of my short forms for poses include:
DD=downward dog
SN=surya namaskar


This is the klesha of overwhelm, of confusion and stress, where it feels like everything around us is just pushing us. So how can this be made into a lakshmi? When that air energy can be channelled, when we are grounded, that wind energy can be hugely creative. Think of the X-men character STORM. We are learning to be grounded so we can move the currents of wind consciously, create powerful weather patterns. So our overwhelm turns into creativity. The action we will be working with is an expansive action, called Root to Rise. Its a way of rooting down into the earth, finding a steady foundation, so that we can lift up powerfully and channel the winds creatively. So we will find this in alot of our standing poses, and bring it all together in half moon, which we tried a few weeks ago.


element: air
action: root to rise
heart quality: creativity
pinnacle: half moon   (more advanced class, could do sugar cane as pinnacle)
physical areas to target:*hamstrings, inner thigh external rotation, balance


warmup – shakedown
sun breaths – calling in the power of vayu, of wind

SN – lunge>anjaney prep  **push down through feet, feel lift through spine
SN – full stretch —hands down to floor or blocks for runner’s stretch
warrior 2>parsvakonasana>prasarita

standing in tadasana – inner thighs back, tailbone down. hands to hips, push down, anchor tailbone MORE, rise up through sides of body.  feel that steadiness in the legs, how it creates openness, space for creativity and articulation in upper body.
rising from uttanasana – tuck tailbone and lift up

FULL STRETCH LUNGE ** root to rise     (imagine i am sitting on your back thigh and push me up! this brings the thighbone into the hamstrings, need that connection for half moon later on)

TRIKONASANA  push down through back foot, feel rise and length in sides of upper body, spine–try to rise without rooting, you pull your leg out of the ground. need that grounding to create the perfect storm.

awkward pigeon
figure four stretch

half moon (DEMO)  — from two feet being foundation, one hand/one foot becomes root.
–be a creative storm in this pose. moving all the potential for overwhelm into powerful creativity. imagine you are corralling the winds in your body and rising up powerfully from your foundation. corral the winds with your muscular integrity, lift up and expand with creative power.

navasana/cobblers pose

Inspiration for your classes

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