Continuing Education for Yoga Teachers

Learn about our courses, workshops, and memberships designed specifically for yoga teachers. All the programs on this page are available for self-paced learning so you can dive in whenever and wherever is convenient for you. 

Workshops that WOW

a complete A-Z system for planning, promoting, and producing successful yoga workshops

1. Shows you exactly HOW to choose your workshop topic in collaboration with your current students.

2. Gives you a repeatable STRATEGY for promoting your workshops to the right people (without spending your life on social media).

4. Addresses impostor syndrome and nervousness by showing you how to PREPARE to teach with confidence and authority.

How to Teach Philosophy in an Asana Class Workshop

Learn to incorporate philosophy into your yoga classes in a way that feels natural, authentic, and seamless.

Sequencing Magic

Learn principles of effective sequencing from an experienced yoga teacher who is also a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Pelvic Floor Primer

Libby Hinsley, DPT shows you how to teach about “down there’ with confidence and sensitivity.  

Email Magic

How to build an email list of dream students and use it to fill your classes, workshops, and events. Includes: 90 minute workshop & printable workbook.

Anatomy Bliss

Physical Therapist & yoga teacher Libby Hinsley takes you on a tour of your anatomy using self-massage as a tool for embodied learning.