Episode 46:

Leslie Kaminoff on Teaching Standards and the Yoga Alliance

Leslie Kaminoff shares his insider’s perspective on the history and future of the Yoga Alliance and the forces influencing teaching standards in the yoga industry.

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  • What the yoga world was like when the Yoga Alliance got started and the thought processes behind their initial policies.
  • How yoga evolved from a fringe activity into an industry – and how the concerns around teaching standards changed with that evolution.
  • What Leslie thinks the Yoga Alliance has done right…  and several ways he thinks they have misstepped in the past.
  • Leslie’s top priority and reason for participating in the Yoga Alliance advisory committee.
  • The important element that Leslie believes Yoga Alliance is missing in their structure.
  • Leslie’s hope for the future of the Yoga Alliance and the industry as a whole.

Invitation for Inspired Action

 Journal about your core values – what do you stand for as a yoga teacher? Then come tell us about it in the Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group.

Links and Resources

Yoga Teacher Resource Facebook Group

Yoga Anatomy – Leslie’s website

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