Episode 57:

Movement Positivity

with Jules Mitchell

Jules Mitchell, author of Yoga Biomechanics, Stretching Redefined, joins Mado for a conversation about teaching yoga and how her personal yoga journey lead her to where she is today.

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Episode Highlights

Jules Mitchell is the author of Yoga Biomechanics, Stretching Redefined and a passionate educator. Jules is dedicated to bringing a positive understanding of human movement to the yoga world and teaches workshops to yoga teachers all around the world.

I enjoyed talking to Jules about her personal experience with yoga and picking her brain a little about yoga teaching techniques.

Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation:

  • Why she doesn’t view herself as a controversial figure despite acknowledging that her work pisses people off.
  • Her desire to re-instill the passion in yoga teachers who feel jaded.
  • Her mission to help yoga teachers work confidently with their students who are injured, concerned about injury, or have limiting beliefs about their bodies.
  • The pose from yoga that she wishes all exercise modalities would adopt.

Links and Resources

Jules’ website
Purchase Jule’s book for a 15% discount use code TRJM19 until June 30th

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