All About Niche

If you are looking for podcast episodes to help you find your niche, check out the collection on this page. 

Content Creation + Niche

Mado takes yoga teacher Chanel Sledge through a mini strategy session to work on her vision and help her create a system for sharing her message through online content.

Why Your Marketing Isn't Working & How to Fix It

Learn what is missing in your marketing and how to make it infinitely more effective.

Are you Making These Mistakes with Your Niche?

Mado takes a closer look at what it means to find your niche and the common mistakes that might be undermining your intentions for your niche.

Your Ideal Yoga Student

Increase your impact as a yoga teacher, reduce the time and energy you spend on marketing, support your personal practice, boost your confidence, and promote a sense of cooperation and community with other yoga teachers by taking this one key step in your yoga business.

Is My Niche Too Narrow?

Mado addresses questions about niche, and offers advice on how to make more money as a yoga teacher and getting over the fear of taking big steps. 

Yoga Teachers Explore Their Niche

In this episode, listen in on two coaching calls with yoga teachers refining their niche plus a conversation with an online marketing expert who is also a yoga teacher.