We’ve heard it time and time again, you can’t teach if you don’t practice.  But when life gets busy, practice can go by the wayside before you even realize what’s happening. Make a decision to feed yourself first so that you have the strength & energy to help others.  The time and energy you put into your personal practice will be as important an investment in your teaching as any training or certification.

Here are some strategies I’ve used to get myself on the mat no matter how busy or unmotivated I become.

  1. Start with one pose.  Any pose.  BREATHE.
  2. Put some music on.  Move around.  Let your body make the shapes that feel good.  Follow those shapes into and out of yoga poses
  3. Let someone else lead.  There are tons of high quality videos available for streaming online.   Here are a few options.
  4. Call a friend.  Make a date.  Make a commitment.  Take turns leading or just do your own thing together.
  5. Follow a sequence.  Try one of ours.

What are your strategies for getting back on the mat when you have gotten out of the habit?

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