This sequence for a 90 minute mixed level class focuses on becoming more skillful at graceful transitions between poses.


Down Dog

Standing arm flows (inhale arms up, exhale release)

Standing Splits Flow: Inhale leg up & back, exhale bend knee & lift it towards belly on the way back down to the floor.
alternate 9x on each side

Down Dog → Plank
Flow back and forth, initiating the movement from the low back/core.

Plank → Chaturanga as slowly as you can (variations: knee plank or full plank)

Down Dog Splits→ Plank with knee to chest
Lift knee as high as you can towards the chest & round the low back towards the ceiling.
3-6 rounds on each side.
Use last round to step forward for the next pose, then use this method to transition into each of the following standing pose sequences.

Side Angle Variation → Reverse Warrior
(back and forth slowly)

Triangle → Half Moon
(back and forth slowly)

Virabhdrasana 2, hands clasped → bow forward to inside of knee.
(back and forth slowly)


Warrior 3 → Standing Splits → Warrior 3

Handstands from one foot on a block – as slowly and controlled as possible up and down.

Navasana → ardha navasana
single or double leg lifts
Jathara parivartanasana variation (knees bent to side back & forth without touching the ground)
reclined Garudasana sit ups.

Bridge/Wheel (move into & out of super slowly)

Ardha Matsyendrasana

Twisted Lunge





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