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Yoga Teacher Resource is looking for high quality articles geared towards yoga teachers.

Content Considerations

Yoga Teacher Resource was created to help yoga teachers develop their craft. Therefore, our focus is on practical, usable information. This includes information about yoga class planning, themes, modifications, props, anatomy, etc.  Your article should be an original piece, not published anywhere else.  Once you submit your article to Yoga Teacher Resource, you agree not to publish it elsewhere after it has been published here.

Style Considerations

  • Please use short paragraphs with headlines that contain keywords.
  • The tone of your article should be professional, but friendly.
  • Assume that the reader knows basic sanskit (such as asana) but explain less commonly used terms and jargon.
  • Word count should be between 500-800.  If your article is longer than that, please break it up into a series of two articles.

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