Episode 73:

The art and business of teaching yoga

with Amy Ippoliti

Author and teacher’s teacher, Amy Ippoliti, joins Mado for a conversation about how to teach yoga more skillfully and how learning about business can help you serve your students better.

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Episode Highlights

Teacher’s teacher, Amy Ippoliti joins Mado for a conversation about the gifts and challenges of teaching yoga as a career. They discuss and dissect the many layers of what makes an effective yoga teacher and a successful yoga business. 

Included in this episode:

  • How to cultivate a sustainable and fulfilling yoga teaching career for yourself 
  • Amy’s personal rituals and strategies for staying in a place of passion and inspiration and avoiding burnout
  • Specific ways to help make sure you succeed in your business and balance all of the many priorities a yoga teacher might have
  • How learning about business can help you serve your students better 
  • How to support new teachers and elevate the entire yoga community including the veteran teachers and yoga studios

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