Your roadmap to becoming a successful and profitable yoga teacher

Personalized mentoring and coaching for dedicated yoga teachers

Inside, you will learn:


How to create a clear roadmap for your career so you have a guiding compass to stay ahead of the game and always know your next move.


Core financial management strategies/techniques so that you learn how to budget and spend your  money wisely to build your business and create the lifestyle you desire.


How to prioritize your time and schedule your clients and classes so that you stay focused on the important activities to grow your new yoga business, without stress or struggle.


simple self-care strategies every professional yoga teacher should know to prevent yoga teacher burnout and ways to maintain your personal yoga practice


How to negotiate your rates without feeling guilty or greedy so that you always feel confident charging what you are worth to build a profitable business.


How to negotiate your rates without feeling guilty or greedy so that you always feel confident charging what you are worth to build a profitable business


Simple strategies to discover and evaluate your strengths and work with clients who are ideally suited to your particular interests/teaching style.


How to attract and invite potential new yoga students to your classes- without feeling salesy or fake


and much much more…

About Mado

I have been teaching eclectic and light hearted yoga classes since 2005 and my absolute favorite people to teach are other yoga teachers or teachers in training. I am honored to be on staff at several regional teacher training programs in Western North Carolina where I love making anatomy and human movement fun, accessible, and relevant in the context of yoga.

My intention as a mentor and coach is to elevate, inspired, and support you by reflecting your light and potential back to you. I am a problem solver by nature and my gift lies in finding simple solutions for what seem to be complex issues. I listen for the essence of your challenge or desire and use both logic and insight to break down your necessary actions into manageable steps.

About the Program:

After speaking to over 100 yoga teachers about their needs, desires, and challenges, the seed for this program was born. The overwhelming consensus from teachers of all levels of experience, all different styles, and all over the world is that new yoga teachers need mentoring. The 200 hour teacher training cannot cover all the skills needed to be a successful professional yoga teacher. More training is not the answer. New yoga teachers need to gain experience teaching while receiving guidance from a seasoned mentor in a structured and organized way.

I’ve been blessed to have several mentors over the years and while they provided a very important part of my education, it always happened in a piecemeal way because there was no formal structure for our relationship. This lack of structure and accountability meant that it took me waaay longer than it needed to learn how to create a successful and profitable yoga business. My long journey inspired me to create the Yoga Career Roadmap for new teachers to efficiently learn the key elements of creating a successful yoga career while building confidence and attracting the right students.

In this 30 minute free call, we will discuss your goals and challenges to help you create a vision for what your sucessful yoga career could look like. If we seem like a good fit, I will invite you to work with me further and share how my program works.

Who is this program designed for?

Let’s be real…

No program is going to be a great fit for everyone. I’m committed to only working with the kind of client who is going to benefit from my help. If you’re not a good fit for my program, I will gladly try to find you a referral to someone can better help you. If you’re not sure, look over this list to

This program may be perfect for you if:

  • You are a passionate and committed yoga teacher who desires mentoring and coaching around creating a sustainable and profitable yoga teaching business.
  • You have at least 2 hours a week available to devote to our calls, homework, and business development.
  • You have financial resources to invest in furthering your education and your business.
  • You are willing (and even eager) to think outside the box and come up with a business model that is different from what others are doing in your region.

Who is NOT a good fit for this program?

You may not be a good fit for this program if:

  • You are just testing the waters and are not sure you are willing to do what it takes to develop a career teaching yoga.
  • You think that the definition of sucess has to involve being an instagram star. (It’s ok if it’s one of your goals, but if it’s the main goal, I’m probably not the best person to help with that. 
  • You are overwhelmed with your work or home life and cannot commit to working on your business regularly.
  • Your finances are so tight that you would have to sacrifice necessities such as food or utilities to invest in your business.

Think you are a good fit? Your 30 minute clarity call is on me!

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