Yoga Class Planning


If only our students knew how much work we put into planning classes, they’d understand the value they are getting when they  come to class! The amount of time spent planning a yoga class varies from person to person, depending on the style of yoga they teach, their personality, and how long they’ve been teaching yoga. Whatever your style of planning, here are some resources to help you rock it.

Anatomy of a Yoga Class Plan

A yoga class plan might be as simple as an outline of a few poses or a complex multi-page document detailing every possible aspect of the class.  The follow is a list of components that a yoga teacher might include in their plan

Yoga Class Themes

Yoga class themes are like a thread that creates form and structure for the class. This article lays out some of the most common approaches to using themes to make your yoga classes stand out.

Yoga Class Sequences

Looking at other people’s yoga class sequences is a great way to get inspiration for creating your own. If you’re looking for ideas, please peruse these yoga class sequences.

Inspiration For Yoga Class Themes

A yoga class theme can be anything that helps narrow the focus for your yoga class and enriches the experience of your students. It could be a teaching point, alignment cue, poem or song, positive emotion, or a lesson from yoga philosophy. A theme will be most potent if it is something that YOU are excited about. Instead of choosing an abstract theme, something concrete that includes something for your students to practice during class will make your theme relevant.

When you’re feeling less inspired, look at the class plans of others to widen your perspective and boost your creativity.  Part of my vision for this website is that it be a place to come to for inspiration, ideas, and information. Yoga Teacher Resource has compiled a list of 100 yoga class themes that we give to all new subscribers to our newsletter. If you’d like a copy, please fill out the form below.

Yoga Class Planning Articles

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Yoga Class Themes

Yoga class themes are like a thread that creates form and structure for the class.  They help to narrow the focus so that the teacher is not tempted to share everything they know in one class, thereby potentially overwhelming their students.  Themes are a great way...

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