Yoga for Mental Health 

with Maria Kirsten

Mado is joined by yoga teacher and Occupational Therapist Maria Kirsten for a dynamic and wide reaching conversation about mental health, how yoga fits in, and some specific ways yoga teachers can support their students in their classes.

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Episode Highlights

Maria Kirsten joins Mado for a fascinating and dynamic conversation about mental health and yoga including specific ways yoga teachers can support the mental health of their students in their classes. 

Episode Highlights:

  • The stigma of mental health and normalizing the full spectrum of experiences  
  • How social media helps and hinders mental health 
  • A definition of mental health and signs that indicate a healthy mental state 
  • Yoga as a tool for resilience and crisis 
  • Skills yoga teachers need to facilitate an experience for your students that supports mental health
  • How cultivating your skills as a yoga teacher can help support your own mental health 

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