Episode 54:

Yoga for the working class [On Air Coaching Call]

with Mado Hesselink

Learn how to market your offerings in a way that is both honest and effective – and avoid the most common marketing pitfalls along the way.

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Episode Highlights

Listen as Mado and Esther, a yoga teacher from a more rural part of North Carolina, explore the question, how do we share the benefits of yoga with a working class population  in a way is inclusive and welcoming?

Covered in this coaching call:

  • How to become more skillful at communicating the benefits of yoga with anybody you meet
  • How to overcome the false or incomplete perceptions of yoga as portrayed by yoga magazines, advertisements, and social media.
  • How to reach further into communities where yoga is not popular or is not understood.
  • How to appeal to a more general market and student base.
  • Ideas to grow your classes in these markets and how to think about advertising as a yoga teacher.

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